Frequently Asked Questions

It is necessary to have a completed bachelor’s degree of education as a nurse with a valid diploma and to know German language at B2 level. For those who started their study before 01.01.2007 a certificate is required according to EU Directive 2005/36/ЕС, issued by the Ministry of Health.

Of course you can apply for a vacancy. In this case our company will organize the language courses according to your level of knowledge completely free of charge. But in case you quit course or you do not take the exams you have to refund the sum for the courses.

Yes, it is necessary to have a German language certificate which is called TELC and we will help you for the organization to take it.

It is compulsory to have an interview with the German employer by skype.

It is necessary to fill in the application form on-line and to attach you CV in Bulgarian language in pdf format.

  • Copy of your identity card or international passport
  • CV in German language
  • Certificate of birth – if there is a change in your names (due to marriage) you have to present official documents for proving that change. All documents must be notarized.
  • Copy of your diploma for higher education and a transcript (document certifying all the taken exams, the marks and the number of hours).
  • Certificate  for „compatability“,issued by the Health Ministry, according to Directive  2005/36/ЕU for  equation of your diploma to the current education system. This certificate is required only for those who have started their education before01.2007.
  • German language diploma from a certified language center, certifying the B2 level and the TELC certificate.
  • Criminal record certificate for abroad (with an issue date not older than 3 months)
  • Medical certificate for starting a work abroad.

All the documents you present us have to be translated in German language by an authorized translator and legalized. The documents can be presented by originals or by notarized copies. Notarized copies can be made in Germany.

After being approved a procedure for diploma recognition in Germany will start. Our colleagues in Germany will take care of this.

The process takes between 6 and 12 weeks if you have presented all the required documents in the right form.

You can work in hospitals or care homes of adult people.

Of course you can. We will help you with finding an accommodation.

After presenting the full set of documents, within 3 months / usually 6-8 weeks / you will receive a certificate of recognition of qualifications to work as nurse in Germany.